Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklaces & Bracelets

These beautiful Aromatherapy Diffuser necklaces are a stunning statement piece, offering style and added benefits of wearing your very own favourite essential oils. 

These necklaces come with the 3 piece inserts. Please note they do not come with a oil. You are welcome to purchase a beautiful oil online with your order. 

Our beautiful natural lava stones are the perfect little gift this Christmas if you are struggling to find something for your loved one or friend. 

We have a variety of coloured stones available for your choice. 

How to use:  Simply wear on your wrist and choose your selected essential oil that you wish to diffuse for the day. Please remember that Citrus oils can cause burning if you wear it in direct sunlight. This will happen if the oil is in direct contact with your skin. 

Recommendation : A beautiful oil to start with is our Balance oil, it is our grounding oil. Helps with anxiety. Very calming blend

You can buy these separately or as a combo.